Diving Into the Reasons Why Tax Refunds Are Not Received on Time

There is always a bit of excitement knowing that you might get a tax refund on your filed taxes. There might sometimes be situations wherein you have not received your refund. So, what do you do in such situations?

Common Reasons for Delay in Refund

There is no need to get frustrated if you have not received your refund. It is always better to file your taxes online so that you have complete visibility of the status of your tax filings. If you have not filed online and have had the documents delivered to the IRS office, then you can expect a delay in the processing of your taxes.

If you have still not received your refund even after several months, you can take the help of income tax settlement companies to check where your refund is stuck. These companies might have contacts in the IRS office and can easily help you track your refund status.

Other common reasons why there might be a delay in receiving your refund are:

  • Your tax returns contain incomplete information
  • You have not provided the right bank details
  • Fabricated information
  • You had recently amended your returns
  • Your refund has been sent to another bank
  • Your refund amount has been used to clear any tax debts owed to the IRS

Check the IRS Website

If you have filed your taxes online and have not received your refund within 3 weeks, then you can go to the IRS website and check your refund status on the Refund Status page. You need to log in with your credentials verify your account and get the details.

In the case of mailing your paperwork, then you can expect your tax returns after a month. If you are still not able to track your refund status, you can use the “Where’s my Refund” button and seek assistance from them.


If you are still unable to track your refund status you can contact your local IRS office. They can investigate the matter and help in finding the status of your refund.

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